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God wants you to be well.  He has made every provision for your healing, and in His Holy Word He shows you what to do and how to do it so you can walk in Divine health.  The Power of God’s Word for Healing is Volume 1 in the 4-volume set of the Christian Devotional Healing Series.

What’s in Volume 1?  There are 70 daily devotions that reveal:

  • Why misunderstanding what the word “saved” means can keep you from being healed.
  • Why saying sentences with “I am” can either help you recover or keep you sick.
  • Why there is power for healing in communion.
  • Why your words determine your health.
  • And much more!

Get your copy now so you can get started on your own journey to healing victory.

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The Power of God’s Word series makes it easy to go one step at a time and to learn what you have been missing.  The format for each book is a daily devotional — so you can read just one day at a time.  Or you may find these little messages to be like potato chips — you can’t stop with just one!  So you may end up devouring several in one sitting.

From Volume 1, you progress to the 65 devotions in Volume 2:  The Power of God’s Word for Receiving Healing.

Find out:

  • Why it is critical to know the difference between facts and the truth.
  • Why the unbelief of others can affect your recovery.
  • How to look beyond the appearance of your ailments.
  • Why not consulting God first can trap you.
  • And much more!

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God’s promises for our healing abound all the way from Genesis to Revelation.  However, there are several things that can hinder our ability to manifest recovery.  In order to press through to our healing, we have to know what these hindrances are and how to overcome them.  Take a look at this 97 second video:


What’s in Volume 3?  There are 78 daily devotions!  Find out:

  • Why misunderstanding the story of Job will keep you sick.
  • Why Paul’s thorn was not sickness.
  • Why suffering sickness does not glorify God.
  • Why it really is God’s will for you to be well.
  • Why it is almost impossible to be healed if you don’t do three important things.
  • How to pray effective prayers instead of prayers that actually hinder your recovery.
  • And much more!

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Healing comes day by day, and in order to manifest it, it is vital to take action to build and nourish your bodily temple.  There is so much conflicting information available.  Do eat eggs.  No, don’t eat eggs.  Do eat lean meat.  No, be a vegetarian.  And the arguments go on and on.  Turn to God’s instruction book — the Bible.

Get help in the 73 daily devotions in Volume 4?  Find out:

  • Five easy habits to develop to promote your health.
  • Why herbs and essential oils are God’s blessings for healing.
  • Three emotions that are critical for good health.
  • Why it matters what music you listen to.
  • Why some kinds of meditation hurt you instead of helping you.
  • And much more!

Click this link to get your copy of Volume 4 (Kindle or paperback) from Amazon.


By the way, you can also get the series as:


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